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Venezuelan disruptive proposal, Onixcoin Project

Venezuelan disruptive proposal, Onixcoin Project

After the announcement of the Venezuelan Government’s about the legalization of using cryptocurrency in Venezuela, project Onyx accepts the challenge and comes with a new, aggressive proposal that promises to improve the existing platform, deliver new applications and raise the usability standard and quality of the cryptos.

The new strategic plan is a mix of technical improvement and human integration that will allow at the same time improve the platform user experience and expand the team contact with market making an inclusive project, more technology, more integrated coin in personal and business finances, putting at disposal all the necessary tools to the community.

In-depth study

Due to the situation in the country and the sudden opening of the Government to the issue of the cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the Onyx team devoted himself to a study which could display the users need and the shortcomings of the Venezuelan financial systems, largely are also found in other countries, the lack of liquidity and cash flow, poor service from operators of point of sale and makes the instability of the financial platform any commercial operation in arduous work, in addition to the hyperinflation and devaluation, lived day to day users, are overwhelmed and looking for an alternative.

To help Venezuela solve problems like access to cash, fast, and versatile payment methods access to international markets are the solutions that meet your network blockchain as Onixcoin through a cryptocurrency.

Divide to improve

In this way, the project is restructured to eliminate bureaucracy and streamline customer service protocols, better manage resources and create plans and programs for each area of the project.

Onixcoin Core

This is the central Onixcoin team, will they be responsible for major developments, wallets, blockchain and mining network. Its main objective is to provide support, maintenance, scalability and develop systems that allow the interconnection of other systems to the main-net of Onyx and thus to meet the goals of the project.

Onixcoin Enterprise

Part of the study of Venezuelan today is the lack of integration of administrative systems that allow the finances of the cryptocurrency. The Enterprise division will develop these solutions for desktop and web, to integrate the network Onixcoin administrative and accounting systems that are possible, with paramount in Venezuela focus but with a clear vision of expansion International. Other financial solutions such as digital sales points, development maintenance and optimization of the global directory of retailers that accept Onixcoin as a method of payment.

Onixcoin Ambassadors

Onixcoin ambassadors are who carry the banner of the project to every corner of the planet. It occurs as a program where structured cryptos, excitement about blockchain awareness and the need for support, help and teach the community the benefits of this ecosystem and the advantages of using Onixcoin. This project already is underway and you can see and feel the work of these enthusiasts at events like the international fair of San Sebastian 2018 in the Tachira was organized where a stand and various conferences and The North American Bitcoin Conference where the CEO Angel Salazar will be publicizing this project and all the improvements and advances of Onyx.

Strategic plan

Since the creation of the project, Onix has advanced in the consolidation of the project that naturally has obstacles on the road. These obstacles more than preventing the advance of the project urged the 12 strategic objectives which are those proposed in the Strategic Plan to carry out the construction of a crypto-country. An ambitious and exciting bet to rank and improve within the Venezuelan economy.

This strategic plan seeks to improve the situation of the country, improve the quality of life of users and is a boost to innovation and development of new financial technologies designed and built by Venezuelans to the world.

Project Onixcoin international

The North American Bitcoin Conference, one of the most important meetings of technology blockchain and the cryptocurrency which will cover a wide range of topics, Bitcoin, ICOs, tokens, investment, regulation, startups and will be the stage where Angel Salazar CEO of Onixcoin, will be released worldwide this strategic plan called Building a crypto-country, where we will see the new roadmap updated and new updates that are ready to be released.

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