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Know the cryptocurrencies with the most longetivity

Know the cryptocurrencies with the most longetivity

Currently, the number of cryptocurrencies existing is huge. Untill this day, we can say that there are almost 3000 cryptos created. Being that way, more of these are created daily and some don’t survive the market. This way, those that exist from their birth to this day can be considered as the one that survived better this world. As a way to get to know more about this world and its beginnings, we’ll talk about some of the cryptocurrencies with the most logetivity on the market. We hope it helps.

The cryptocurrencies with the most longetivity


We all know Bitcoin. Even when we haven’t entered the cryptoworld, it keeps being a recognizable name for many. And that’s because the cryptoworld was born with this coin. Created in 2.009 by Satoshi Nakomo, is curently the leader on the cryptoworld. It’s the first decentralized digital currency, with a normally bull trend. It’s sustained by the blockchain technology, a structure of data grouped in blocks.

Currently, it became a trustable payment system, legitimated by more than 100.000 merchants that use it as payment method. To this day*, the price of Bitcoin’s USD$6.739,64, being the cryptocurrency with the highest price on the market. Its market capital is USD$116,15 billion dollars**.


Created in 2.011 as a bifurcation of Bitcoin, this crypto has a similar use to the Bitcoin, with a quicker transaction confirmation. Its sustained by P2P, and has an open code software. Another difference between this coin and Bitcoin is that its production will be of 84 million coins, 4 times more than 21 million Bitcoins.

Currently, its payment system is being accepted everyday more by merchants. To this day, its market price’s USD$57,57, being more accessible than Bitcoin. Its market capital is USD$3,34 billion dollars**.


This coin, not as known or popular between buyers, is the first of the many copies of the Bitcoin system. Its functioning is based on the first code as Bitcoin, with some modifications. Its limitation’s the same, 21 million. This cryptocurrency can store its data inside the blockchain, differently to Bitcoin.

Its payment system’s not so accepted as merchants. Its price* on the market is USD$1,57. Its current market capital is USD$23.142.413**.


Born on 2.012, this cryptocurrency’s different to the rest. Why do we say this? Well because it’s not really a cryptocurrency. This way, its a network of decentralized transactions that’s verified by consensus of the parties. Its verification’s quicker than a cryptocurrency, and doesn’t require mining. This way, its energy use is minimum.

Its price* on the market to this day is USD$0,3270. Its current market capital** is USD$12,92 billion dollars.


This was the first crypto based on the Proof of Work or Proof of Stake system. Created on 2.012, this cryptocurrency allows the verification of its transactions in a simpler way than the usually used. Its price to this day* is USD$1,12. Its market capital** is $28.001.526.

*established price in Coinmarket on August 27th, 2018.

**established market capital in Coinmarket on August 27th, 2018.

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