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Know the alternative uses that the blockchain has

Know the alternative uses that the blockchain has

The blockchain technology has changed the world. And it’s now that we can appreciate how transactions can improve around security, efectivity and speed. Being so, many have seen this technology and understood that it should not neccessarily be used for money transactions. This way, there are other uses that have been implemented or that are being analyzed that make the blockchain a multipurpose technology. That’s why we have decided to talk about the alternative uses that the blockchain has or will have, aside of cryptocurrency transactions.

Alternative uses of the Blockchain

Social Network

Many have been the platforms that decided to use the blockchain technology to store and manage their information. Being that social networkds are always looking to search security of people, it’s not weird that they turned around to use this technology. This way, there are now some social networking platforms that use the Blockchain as their way to send information.

Steemit is a social network where you make publications sent through the blockchain, and rewards for the added information to the network. They have their own coin, named steem, through which they reward their users. This can be traded with other cryptos. Another example of a social network is Indorse, a platform similar to LinkedIn that uses the blockchain. They also reward their users, but using Ethereum.


Nowadays, digital contracts are frequently used. Being so, the fear of handling, fraud of rip-off one of the parties is profound on people. But, with the incorporation of the blockchain as a way of sending contracts, security of this type of contracts increases exponentially. This due to the information that’s stored on the blockchain cannot be altered.

This way, not only we can save contracts made of sme type of alteration, but we can store them safely.

Information storage on the Health sector

Being that the information that the health sector has, like hospitals and clinics, are really important, maintaining said information safe is fundamental. The current informations distribution accumulates a lot of time, which some pacients and doctors don’t have. This way, many are the places that have been investigating for the implementation of the blockchain in the storage and sending of the patients medical records. This will give more privacy and safety to the health sector, and may keep safe thousands of lifes.

Transactions and donations

We all know the speed of cryptocurrency transactions. This is one of the reasons why people use them, right? And that’s why national Banks have been studying the use of the blockchain as a way to keep safer and quicker transactions between States, or even, between particular. This way, national and international transactions will be quicker than before, making everyones life easier.

And the same with donations. Did you know that UNICEF’s studying the use of blockchain to receive donations? Well yes, and since this technology’s so fast, safe and transparent, for the United Nations Children’s Fund it could be safer to receivve donations and make transactions.

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