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Get to know the 5 most known cryptocurrencies

Get to know the 5 most known cryptocurrencies

As we all know, there are multiple cryptocurrencies nowadays. In fact, there are more than 1700 cryptos created since 2.009 with the irth of Bitcoin. This way, we can say that there are more cryptocurrencies than official coins from all the States joined. Nonetheless, not all the cryptos are known, and there are a few that come into the mind of people. In the following article we’ll tell you the 5 most known cryptocurrencies, without order. We hope it helps.

The 5 most known cryptocurrencies


It’s clear that Bitcoin has a space on the minds of everybody. And that because of course, it’s the first cryptocurrency created. With its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2.009, revolutionated the financial world, and society in general. Developed with base on the Blockchain technology, this cryptocurrency is the most accepted internationally.

Is one of the only allowed by States to make certain transactions. Bitcoin’s the referring on security, advanced technology and stability, in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. Through this, we can trade with other cryptocurrencies less known. For many, is the initial opening to the big crypto market.

All these cryptocurrencies can be traded by Bitoin, and this is one of the multiple reasons why everyone that knows, or doesn’t know of the cryptoworld, knows Bitcoin.


Other of the most known cryptocurrencies is Ethereum. Even with the low that it has had, it keeps being one of the favourite and known by people. This way, it forged a reputation among many experts of the cryptoworld. More than a cryptocurrency, is a platform that allows the creation of smart contracts. Its platform is based on the Blockchain technology.

This way, its open source plaform allows that any developers believes and publishes appls based on the Ethereum platform. From this platform Ether’s born, that’s the cryptocurrency from the Ethereum Project, and it’s the used for money exchange.

It was created thinking on improving the Bitcoin platform. It has a programming lenguage that beats the Bitcoin’s limitations, having custody on the Blockchain, financial contracts, among other characteristics. These characters that distinguish it makes it one of the most known, used and preferred by many.


This cryptocurrency is currently one of the most known. Created through a P2P design (Peer-to-Peer), awards those users denominated Masternodes for making a special kind of node. This is a «Blue Chip», meaning, a cryptocurrency with which smaller cryptos allow transactions.

This crypto allows making inmediate payments as well as online as with physical stores. This characteristic makes it known and used internationally.


Known as the «banking cryptocurrency», this crypto has popularity. This digital currency was created to give solutionto money transactions made by traditional banks. Its transaction’s almost inmediate, so it’s the preferred in cases where an inmediate transfer is needed. This has a coin transfer system that abides the efficiency standars from any other currency.


The last of our list is also one of the coins with the most longevity. Being of the pioners in terms of cryptocurrencies, it has maintained among cryptos with most access and acceptance by the public. This works with a software based on the Bitcoin technology, with a bigger amount of currencies to mine and more transfer speed.

This works as a personal and private payment system, where the main goal is to maintain the identity of the parts in confidence. It has a lower demand and cost than Bitcoin, so it’s more attractive for miners and people that start on this technology.

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