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5 women that move the cryptoworld

5 women that move the cryptoworld

The technologic world is one lead on its beginnings by men. This has maintained like this by many years, and puttin on a certain way women out of the main focus. With the beginning of Bitcoin and the Blockchain techonology, many women have tried, and achieved, to make themself’s a path as the main influence of the crypto world. On this article we’ll talk about 5 women that had and keeps making their way in this world. We hope it helps.

5 women that move the cryptoworld

Joyce Kim

The first on our list is one of the most prominent women in the cryptocurrency world. Joyce ‘s the Executive Director and co-founder on stellar.org and head partner of SparkChain Capital, a new capital fund for investment on innovations for the Blockchain techonology and cryptocurrencies. Her work always focuses on the potentiality of the Blockchain worldwide as a way to empower the population and attacking the inequity.

She has specialized in the criptocurrency space, and has been one of the pioneer in presenting the crypto platform to governmental organizations, banks and even the United Nations. Similarly, she’s an advisor on several rojects related to the crypto world and some ICO’s.

Jinglan Wang

This young lady started on the cryptoworld when this just had started. She changed her specialization to computer engineering only to understand it better. Now, she’s the Executive Director of the Blockchain Educational Network. Aside from that, she’s the Blockchain Product Manager for NASDAQ.

This Educational Network’s a NGO that’s designed to help students to start and grow their blockchain clubs throughout the world. This way, young people around the world, technology and Blockchain enthusiasts, are joined doing voluntary activities created to help grow the cryptoworld, learn the uses of the Blockchain, and later, making a difference in the world.

Meltem Demirors

Another of the women that move this cryptoworld, Melten’s the Development Director for the Digital Coin Group. Among the subsidiaries of this group you can find not other than the CoinDesk news page. She’s in charge of maintaining the traditional investments and development of the Blockchain technology in balance. This way, according to her, she’s focused in creating new models for partnerships and grow of the company.

She’s also the creator of DCG Connect, a subsidiary of this group that connects the entrepeneurs on this subject with enterprises and technology service providers to grow scalable solutions. She’s also member of the Global Future Counsil of Blockchain from the World Economic Forum.

Amber Baldet

This comuter genius (she learned to code at 11 by herself) is the  JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence. Being one of the experts on Blockchain inside the executive world of banks, is necessary for the sinergy and joint work between the traditional financial world and the new financial era.

She’s also a speaker about the problems to solve for inslusivity on the technological world, and the need to turn the Blockchain world totally accesible. She was on the Coindesk list for “Most Influential in Blockchain 2017”.

Elizabeth Stark

The last women on our list is one of the OG on cryptocurrency work. She’s the CEO of Lighting Labs, a company that currently’s developing a second-layer software for the payment network of Bitcoin. This company is focused on preparing Bitcoin for the bigtime and making sure to have low-cost transactions.

With the creation of their software, transactions would be quicker and with a lower cost, since it helps to process the transactions safely out of the main Blockchain.

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