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Who’s Satoshi Nakamoto?

Who’s Satoshi Nakamoto?

Those wo entered the cryptoworld had listened the name of Satoshi Nakamoto at some point. Being the pseudonym used by the creator of Bitcoin, he’s considered the father of cryptocurrencies and the new financial era. Nonetheless, beyond his project and pseudonym, we don’t know nothing about this character, much less than his identity. Pently have been the suspects of being Satoshi in the crypto world, and in this article we’ll talk about the 3 most highlighted. We hope it helps.

Who’s Satoshi Nakamoto?

Name background

The first time that Satoshis’ name is named, is in the publication made in metzdown.com. On the cypherpunk e-mail list where the Bitcoins’ Whitepaper was published, there was an alias of Satoshi, an e-mail and the bitcoin.org domain, which was registered in August 2.008. In this e-mail list, the first idea about money that uses cryptography and is decentralized had already been made in 1.998. Twenty years later, tbe idea was turned into reality with Bitcoins’ Wthitepaper being published.

Many, when trying to know the origin and the identity of Nakamoto, have searched for the answer in their name. Some consider that, since the name is of Japanese origin, the person must also be of Japanese origin. Satoshi, in Japanese, means witty, wise, Naka can be relationship, medium and Moto origin. However, this information does not give any information about the identity of this person.

More information has appeared little by little about this pseudonym. First, in a profile on the P2P Foundation, Nakamoto himself stated that he was a man living in Japan and was born on April 5, 1975. He was the creator of bitcointalk, and the first to post something on the page. Similarly, your wallet has approximately 1 million bitcoins. This is all the information you have about this or these people.


Now, many have been the suspects of being this character. From people who have claimed to be Nakamoto, to people who deny it to this day, we will talk about the best known cases.

Dorian Nakamoto

The first name we found when looking for suspects was considered the true creator of Bitcoin by Newsweek magazine in 2.014. Based on circumstantial evidence, he is the least likely to be the real Satoshi. The proofs that consider him as Satoshi were the following: his name is Satoshi Nakamoto, he was a physicist who worked in defense projects and was an engineer in systems of technological and financial firms, and was a libertarian.

However, he himself has established that he is not the creator of Bitcoin, and that in the interview where he believes he claimed to be, he talked about his contracts with the military.

Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman

These are the biggest suspects and those that are considered most likely. Since 2.015, multiple investigations pointed to Wright as the creator of Bitcoin. This man is an Australian businessman, computer scientist, and the one that has accepted and declared himself to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto. And it is this desire, in addition to not having conclusive evidence, the reason why many (mostly those who considered that Bitcoin was born out of libertarian ideology) do not believe him.

It is said to be in conjunction with Dave Kleiman, since the pseudonym, according to many, was one taken by both Wright and Kleiman, who died in 2013. Newspapers such as BBC and The Economist have attributed Wright as the creator, being that he “delivered sufficient evidence”, but for many these proofs did not constitute indisputable ones, and therefore to this day, they do not consider him the real Satoshi.

Nick Szabo

A well-known and prominent cryptographer, there are many who believe that he is Nakamoto. The reasons why they consider it so are several: first, it is the creator of the bit gold, a mechanism with a base almost identical to bitcoin, where a decentralized digital currency is created where a person could devote part of his computer power to solve cryptography to validate the transactions. At the same time, many consider him as the father of intelligent contracts. To all this is added to have been a fan of the use of pseudonyms.

Many researchers have run tests to see if his way of writing codes is similar or equal to the Bitcoin mother code. However, Szabo himself fervently denies being Nakamoto.

Importance of his identity

Even though the search for the true Nakamoto seems a necessity for many in the crypto world, it doesn’t matter much. Being that Bitcoin is open source, anyone can help improve and increase the usability of the project, and knowing the identity of its creator currently has no greater importance than knowing the intentions he had at the time of creating his protocol.

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