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How do you install and use your ONX Wallet?

How do you install and use your ONX Wallet?

There are many ways to save your ONX nowadays. However, there is nothing like using the OnixCoin Wallets to do it, as they are the safest forms. Even so, some are lost when using them, since they are new to the use of digital wallets. This is why we have decided to explain the installation and use of the best known ONX Wallets, the mobile Wallet and the Windows Wallet. We hope it helps.

How do you install and use your ONX Wallet?

Mobile Wallet

The installation of the ONX mobile wallet is very easy, you just have to search the Play Store “ONIX Wallet” and download it. After this, you can enter and use our Wallet. The first thing you will notice upon entering is the welcome to the wallet and two options: the one to create a new wallet and the one to recover an old one.

In the case of having owned a previous wallet, you can enter the recovery phrase and wait for the Wallet to synchronize. Otherwise, enter the option “Create a new wallet”. Once you have entered this option, you will receive a recovery key or phrase, along with the terms of use of the same. You must support the recovery phrase in a safe place, which you will not lose, since only with it you will be able to recover your ONX.

You must insert the recovery phrase and give the confirmation check to continue with the operation and subsequently establish a password for your Wallet. Finally, you must choose the currency you want to use in the Wallet (you can have BTC and ETH in addition to ONX). When you click on Finish, you have already installed the Wallet properly.

Now, inside the Wallet, you can observe 3 options: balance, receive and send. In “balance” you can observe all the movements of your Wallet. In “receive”, you will see your Wallet address, plus a QR, and an option to set the number of ONX to receive. With send, you can send ONX with a QR reader or by typing the address to which you wish to send.


Wallet Desktop

In the case of our Wallet for Windows, you must download it from our website, which you can enter by clicking here. On this page, you can download the different Wallets that support ONX, not just our Desktop Wallet for Windows. By clicking on the download button, the file download will start.

After it has been downloaded, do not run the file, as you must first perform the antivirus exclusion process. First, you must create a folder on your desktop, which you will call “Onix Wallet”. In this, you will save the file you have downloaded.

To perform the exclusion process, you must open the antivirus you have on your computer and click on the option Settings or Options, depending on the antivirus you have. Here, there must be an Exclusions option, where you can add an exclusion. Locate the file in the Onix Wallet folder, click on it and you will have already excluded this file from your computer. If you want to know how to do it in the most popular antivirus, you can download our download manual on the following page: https://onixcoin.com/download.

To execute the Wallet, just click on the folder and enter the .exe file that you downloaded by double clicking on it. You must have an internet connection to be able to execute it. The Windows Firewall will ask for your permission to execute this file, you just have to press “Allow Access” and the Wallet will start running. The Windows Wallet will appear on the screen, it will take a few minutes to synchronize with the internet. Seeing in the lower right corner the check-mark symbol in green, thus making the process already finished and synchronized to be used.

To use this Wallet, you can see in the bar above the options of Send, Receive, Transactions and Directions. In Send, you can send your ONX from your Wallet to other Wallets. In Receive, you can see your Wallet to receive the ONX number you indicate. In the Transactions option, you can see all the movements that you have made from your Wallet, the type of transaction, its date, the amount and the Wallet to which it was sent or received. Finally, through the option of Addresses you can create an agenda with the Wallets that you use frequently and with just a click, you can send ONX to these addresses, without needing to enter the option Send.

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