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How can you become an ONIX Agent?

How can you become an ONIX Agent?

Within OnixCoin, there are multiple figures that can draw the attention of society. One of them is that of the Independent Agents. That being the case, many must really ask themselves how to become one of them. That is why in this article we will explain a little what you need to know to become an ONX Agent.

How can you become an ONIX Agent?

What is an ONIX Independent Agent?

An ONX Independent Agent (IA), is that person within our group of Business Associates, who carries out the exclusive activity of capturing the businesses that will make use of OnixCoin in their premises, stores or personal businesses. In this way, they are the most important figure that OnixCoin has for the promotion of crypto.

The Independent Agents are part of the Onix team of professional training, commercial integration and have an opportunity to get paid for their work with OnixCoin. Thus, it is a way of working that brings benefits for the person, it is totally new and has all the support of the OnixCoin Project.


Being an ONX Independent Agent has its benefits, in addition to the remuneration that you can grant. Below we will explain what these benefits are:

Earn bonuses in ONX

As we have already established, by becoming an ONX Independent Agent you can get a remuneration. And is that by the activity of each trade become an ONX Allied Trade, both by its affiliation, as by its activation and by the accumulated volume of its transactions in OnixCoin, the IA obtain bonds in OnixCoin, which can be exchanged for products in Trades, traded, changed to BsS, or any other action you want to perform with your cryptocurrencies.

You get training

Through online training, you will learn the basics of cryptocurrencies, OnixCoin, the Onix Project and all the knowledge you need to promote and represent the brand in front of the commercial community. This training brings certification and digital accreditation, in addition to your user code within the ONX Administrative System.

Support material

By becoming an ONX Independent Agent, you can access exclusive information and official ONIX promotional material, as well as participation in ONIX recognition and award programs. In this way, you can make use of the information and promotional material to reach and attract Allied Businesses, as well as to publicize the news coming soon for the operation and usability of the cryptocurrency.


Working together with OnixCoin you will not only be able to obtain bonuses, but you will also have publicity. Thus, you will be promoted in the ONIX Commercial Directory, together with each Trade affiliate under your code and also in the list of ONIX Independent Agents available throughout Venezuela, as the first market.

ONIX Ambassadors

The Agents are not the only ones who can promote OnixCoin, and there is a larger figure within the Business Associates. According to the performance of the business activity of an Independent Agent, you can opt for the exclusive program to be ONX Ambassadors. In this way, they can provide maximum profits, recognition and image.

How can I become an ONIX Agent?

The first thing you must do to become an ONX Independent Agent is to enter the information requested in business.onixcoin.com. Here, you will find at the end of the page a form to fill out, which you must complete to begin the path towards certification as an Independent Agent. After this, you will receive an email to confirm your registration, and after that you will be contacted to receive the programming and necessary conditions to be part of the online training courses, which will eventually lead you to become an ONX Independent Agent.

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