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Know 5 cryptocurrencies that use PoS

Know 5 cryptocurrencies that use PoS

Many cryptocurrencies exist today. Being that the majority was created on the basis of Bitcoin, the great majority possesses a system of security and confirmation PoW or Proof of Work in Spanish. However, many cryptocurrencies have changed or were born from another known system, the PoS or Participation Test. In the next article we will talk a little about them.

Know 5 cryptocurrencies that use PoS


Peercoin is undoubtedly one of the oldest cryptocurrencies, and still remains in the market. This is the first crypto based on a combined implementation between Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Work (PoW), and was released on August 12, 2012.

This is one of the most unique cryptocurrencies there is, being that it is based on the Bitcoin open source, but it has a proof of coinage to secure its network. Currently, it has a coinage with a 1% annual reward. It is also a cryptocurrency with a transaction speed greater than that of Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies.

Another of its advantages is that its Blockchain is smaller, which makes the synchronization of the wallet of Peercoin users much faster, being striking for innovations for this reason. Finally, it is a crypto that is advertised for being ecological, being that the creation of more coins requires less power than other cryptocurrencies.


This is a platform similar to Ethereum, but of Chinese origin. This is the first Chinese cryptocurrency based on chain technology, protected through the creation of digital certificates. Its objective is to create smart contracts and decentralized national trade. She was previously known as AntShares.


Reddcoin is a cryptocurrency with a P2P payment system that allows sending and receiving crypts in social networks, without any commission. Your platform allows people to receive payments for their content on social networks. In this way, when downloading a Reddcoin wallet, the content creators configure their social networks with the wallet and can receive these payments.

This system is already being allowed for Twitter, Reddit and Twitch. This crypto makes use of a PoS version, known as PoSV (Proof of Stake Velocity). In this way, it is designed to encourage ownership and activity by giving rewards for participation, with a non-linear aging of the currency.


This is a cryptocurrency and a payment network created in 2013 by a developer known as BCNext. It has a static monetary supply, and does not use mining as a way to create more blocks in the Blockchain. This is a flexible platform for the development of intelligent applications and services, and has an integrated asset exchange.


This crypto was created in April of 2.105, and has the peculiarity of not having been created based on an existing code, but was created from its inception. This cryptocurrency has a unique wallet, and at the same time offers innovative changes, such as password wallets that can be regenerated from seeds, time differential blocks that allows the Wallets to generate blocks after 10 confirmations, messaging service and encrypted data storage , among others.

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