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In Onix we’re working to maintain our currency on point

In Onix we’re working to maintain our currency on point

In OnixCoin, we’re working to maintain our currency on point with the improvements and updrates that have helped cryptocurrencies to keep on the rise. Being so, our team of developers saw necessary to start with the update of the different libraries in the source code of OnixCoin, in orden to maintain the compatibility of the currency with the new versions of the operating systems.

These new upgrades to the source code of OnixCoin, that are being made, are going to allow to strengthen the different characteristics of our currency. This way, in the future it’ll allow to be compatible with the new development tools in the technological field. Thus, tools like Lightning Network, that allows to improve the speed of transactions, can be used to improve transactions with ONX.

This will also allow our developer community to apply these innovative tools and give alternative uses to OnixCoin. These next updates will be available in a new version of the OnixCoin Protocol. That is why, when making the updates, users of the Onix community must update the version of their wallets.

This action is performed automatically by the PlayStore (in the case of the Android Wallet), in case of any error, you can contact us or delete and re-download the application, remembering that you must save and use the same recovery phrase and assigned key to your previous wallet. Similarly, those who have their own nodes must upgrade to the new version to stay compatible.

We’ll keep working to improve and impulse OnixCoin as the biggest cryptocurrency in Venezuela, and turn the country into the first Crypto-country.

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