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Onix Project and its updates

Onix Project and its updates

OnixCoin is in constant update, to improve the user experience of the holders of our currency and maintain the compatibility of the cryptocurrency. That being the case, updates have been made to our OnixCoin wallet for Android.

These updates bring improvements for our users of the Android Wallet, among which are:

Customization of fees from our Wallet to other addresses

In this way, our users can choose the fee they wish to pay for sending their cryptocurrencies from the Wallet.

See Exchange Rates

Another improvement is the possibility to see the exchange prices from the Wallet, to keep the OnixCoin holders aware of their price.

Import paper wallets and see the TX in the explorer

With this new update, you can also import paper wallets to the Android Wallet and see the tx in the block browser.

Empty your wallet

In addition to this, you can completely empty your wallet, for those who want to make a Wallet change and move all your cryptos to other wallets.

Contact Support

Now, you can contact directly with support from the application, updates requested by our users. We will continue working to update OnixCoin and our applications and promote the cryptocurrency as referents of the cryptoactive market.

It is important to emphasize that, like any application, these updates will be made automatically when updating the app in the Play Store. In case of any error, you can contact us or delete and re-download the application, remembering that you must save and use the same recovery phrase and password assigned to your previous wallet.

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