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Why do Venezuelans need to invest in cryptocurrency?

Why do Venezuelans need to invest in cryptocurrency?

Venezuela’s without a doubt a very difficult country when it comes to investments. With an inflation of 7000%, and at rise everyday, plenty are the venezuelans looking for altertative ways to mantaining their incomes safe. Either way, many are the ones that wish to multiply their bolivares, or guard their incomes from inflation. That’s why those Venezuelans everyday are looking for alternatives to invest.

Being so, many of these are looking at the cryptocurrency country as an investment option. With plent of cryptos in the country, being OnixCoin the first, Venezuelans are impregnated more and more in these technologies. Nonetheless, there are still people that are frightened of entering the cryptoworld. For you, that you haven’t decided if you want to enter or not into the cryptocurrency world, we’ll explain why do Venezuelans must invest in cryptocurrency.

Why do Venezuelans need to invest in cryptocurrency?

You’re guard from inflation

As we talked in our article about 8 reasons why to use Onix, one of the biggest benefits of cryptos for venezuelans is the guard from inflation. And that’s because in a country where the hyperinflation is at rise, investments like cryptocurrencies, that don’t suffer from that type of inflations, can help to mantain safe your incomes. This way, by buying cryptocurrencies (like Onix, that you can adquire with bolivares), you can be sure that your money won’t be less in a near of far future, but it’ll mantain or increase.

You have higher access to other foreign exchanges

Currently, it’s complex or almost impossible for a venezuelan to access foreign exchanges. With the change control, few are the options that a person has. By investing in cryptocurrency, that access to foreign exchanges opens to multiple options. Let’s say that you invest in Onix, and change Onix to Bitcoin. By making that change, which is easy, you can access to many other exchanges. This way, the change of coin won’t be impossible, ilegal of terribly expensive.

You can shop from places you couldn’t before

Following the previous point, by accessing foreign exchanges you can not only guard your money in other coin, but you can shop with these. Currently, there are plenty of websites that allow payments with cryptocurrencies, making it easier for people to buy goods. And in case that you want to buy good from a site that doesn’t allow buying with wcryptos, you just hace to trade them for other exchange that you require and done, your problem’s solved.

They’re safer

One of the reasons why cryptocurrencies exist is because of the need for an exchange coin that was safer, quicker and transparent that traditionals. This way, cryptos have armoured security systems, where in onder to make a transaction, you must follow certain security measurements. Of course, this security’s going to depend on the use that you give to your wallets, and which security measures you establish.

You’ll have a quicker return that with conventional investments

Why do we way this? Well because cryptos price tend to have high peaks. This way, and differently to the stock, you can obtain a return and following earning much faster that with an investment in other conventional media. Someone that invested 4 years ago in Bitcoin, will have obtained not only a faster return, but probably that gained 10 times or more that what invested, depending on when he decided to trade the crytoccurrencies or if it’s still in Bitcoin.

Plenty are the reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies being in Venezuela, what other reasons you think there are? Comment below!

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