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Know the 8 best exchanges in the world

Know the 8 best exchanges in the world

As we explained in our article about crypto trading, buying and selling cryptocurrencies can be done through several ways. One of them’s through exchanges. These sites are just websites where transactions with cryptocurrencies and trading with other cryptos or money can be done. This way, those sites are used daily by people that trade cryptos. But, which are the best?

Thousands are the existent exchanges, some possibly being disguised scams. That’s why we have decided to make a list of the 8 best exchanges, according to multiple websites specialized on cryptocurrencies. This way, you’ll know which are the best places to take care and mantain your cryptos. Before reading, keep in mind that there can be other sites with different sites, and that doesn’t mean that these aren’t good or those are bad. It’ll always depend on the person/invetigator. We hope it helps.

The 8 best exchanges in the world


This site barelly has a year of being lauched and is already on the top 10s of most lists. In August 2.017 they collected USD$15 million, and after that they had 20.000 users on their platform. With people behind the scenes that have a lot of experience in the business (their CEO worked previously on Blockchain, BijieTech and OKCoin), trust on this site is big.

The reason why people trusted so much of this platform is the amount of altcoins they have, being 140. Besides that, their fee is low, being 0,1% on a standard negotiatin. And if you use their inner token, BNB, the fee drops by 50%.


This is a site with high volumen of transactions created by economists, traders and web developers of the crypto community. Its main coin of transaction’s Bitcoin and its subsequent projects. It’s recognized for not having liquidity problems. Their fees will depend if you’re a buyer of a seller, and the type of cryptocurrency you’re trading, but are not bigger than the commn between exchanges.

Among the cryptos with most use inside the platform, besides Bitcoin, we have: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano y Litecoin. Without a doubt a place to take into account when considering choosing an exchange.


Many consider it the exchange for beginners. This is an American-based platform, with backup in 32 countries. This exchange house’s different, since instead of buying from other users, you’re buying from the platfrom. It has a mobile Wallet, off-line storage and security protection. Besides US dollar, it allows buying with other coins, where you can find euro and canadian dollar.

It trades Bitcoin and other altcoins like Ethereum and Litecoin. Currently, they’ve said they want to increase the amount of cryptocurrencies to store, to increase equally their amount of users. They have a fee of 1% per shopping, and deposits and retirements are completely fee-free. Is has an user interface, makig it easy to understand, and quick interchanges.


One of the biggest exchanges, with more than 190 cryptocurrencies to exchange. In here, the ones negotiating are the ones that stablish the coins price. By using the platform, Bittrex charges an 0,25% fee. In terms of security and scam, its platform makes fulfullment audits to new coins that wish to enter. This way, their users have security that those coins operate legally and safely.

One of the favorites of the experimented traders, its transactions are fast and safe. It also has one of the biggest Bitcoin transaction volumes.


An exchange where you’ll find more than 400 cryptocurrencies, among the most popular and new ones that are making space for themselfs in this big world. Its fee for exchange’s 0,2%, being possible exchanging from any place of the world. Their page’s based on having an excellent user experience, having additional services, a market and own Wallet. On this market, you can shop goods or services with cryptocurrencies.

Transactions on this platform only can be done through cryptos, and doesn’t allow exchange on money. So, if you want to change your cryptos with money, you won’t be able to on this platform.


This exchange has a space in the minds of many proffesionals. Its member of the first crypto bank, and allows buying and selling more than 15 cryptocurrencies with money. Its one of the most trustable, with a high security enviroment, having tools like cold storage, legal fulfillments, stop-loss orders, among others.

Besides Bitcoin, allow exchanging cryptos like Monero, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Stellar and Ethereum Classic.


Lastly, we have an exchange that’s considered a place where’s almost impossible not to enter and exchange. Even when it doesn’t have all cryptos on the world, it does have a big amount. It’s considered the main place of exchange for alternative cryptocurrencies. It ws also one of the first places to support Ethereum Classic.

Among the main coins of use and eschan in Poloniex we find: Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Litecoin, Maidsafe and Monero.

Honorific mention: YoBit

We all know YoBit, is one of the biggest platforms when it comes to volume of entry and transactions. Besides that, it has a high amount of cryptos, allowing transactions with an endless amount of cryptos. Did you know that you can exchange OnixCoin on YoBit? If you have our coin, you can trade it there!

Did you like our article about the 8 best exchanges of the world? What other exchanges you like? Cooment below!

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