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5 pages where you can read cryptonews

5 pages where you can read cryptonews

Knowing about cryptocurrencies is something that we all undoubtedly must do today. Being that this is a world that changes daily, knowing the most important news that impact the crypts is necessary for those who continue in this world. This is why following the best news pages is a priority for everyone. In this article, we bring you a list of 5 of the best news pages in the crypto world. We hope it helps.

5 pages where you can read cryptonews


This is the news page about cryptocurrencies and the world of the best known Blockchain technology. It was founded in May 2013 by a group of enthusiasts about cryptocurrencies. Since then, it has a flow of 50 million visits per month, and 5 million users.

In addition to being a news page about cryptocurrencies, your group is the creator and organizer of the Consensus Summit, which is the gathering of enthusiasts on the largest blockchain technology in the world. In 2015, they created the Bitcoin Price Index, where the prices of the largest cryptocurrencies can be observed, and it is used by the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, for its reports on the cryptocurrency.

In the same way, it publishes from the 2.017 The State of the Blockchain, an analysis of the growth of the Blockchain technology over time. Even though it is only in its English version, it is a page to approach when knowing about the cryptongue.


Better known in the crypt as CCN, is another of the best known in the market. Based in Oslo, Norway, it was created in 2013 to notify the world of cryptocurrencies in an accurate and immediate manner. His publications have been cited by publications in economics and medicine by pages such as Forbes and Econotimes.

In November 2015, they announced that they were being extorted with DDoS attacks along with their sister page, Hacked, and offered a reward for information leading to an arrest. In 2.017, they transferred their page to the current domain, CCN.


This American page is favorite of many. Created in 2.013, with the rise of cryptocurrencies, it is an independent news page, where not only cryptocurrency is talked about, but also about Blockchain, decentralized applications, the internet of finances and the future web generation. In addition to the news, it has publications with expert opinions on the crypto-core situation and Blockchain-based technologies.

Unlike the previous ones, Cointelegraph has a version entirely in Spanish, with information regarding the crypto-core and the Hispanoamerica area. Although it is headquartered in New York, its members are located in San Francisco, New York, Memphis, Ontario, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Riga.


A relatively new page, Criptotendencias is making its place in the world of news about the crypto world. Created in 2.017, its mission is to give the news and explain them in a simple way, so that all people, new or expert, can understand what this world is about.

This is why it has become a page sought by many. Being that your news and opinions are written in such a way that everyone can understand them, no matter the level of knowledge in the cryptos you have, you will always know and understand about it. Simply, a page to keep in mind.


The most well-known news page in Spanish, Criptonoticias is a benchmark in the world in Spanish. This defines itself as a digital newspaper, where everything is published on Blockchain and decentralized applications (cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and others). Thus, they publish news, prices, trends, analysis, advances and educational information about this technology.

Created in 2015, they focus on mass education for the Spanish-speaking population on the topics of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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