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Know about the updates to the OnixCoin source code

Know about the updates to the OnixCoin source code

The Onix Project works every day to update and improve our cryptocurrency, OnixCoin. Our developers are carrying out updates and changes that will allow the OnixCoin source code to have greater compatibility with the latest technological advances. This is running in 3 phases:

Creation of a new seed

The first phase consists of the creation of a new seed of OnixCoin, editing the seed, which can be found at the following address: https://github.com/onix-project/onixcoin-seeder. This with the aim of moving from protocol 7010 to protocol 7011.

Replacement of the previous seeds

The second phase of this group of updates is the replacement of seed.Scriptolife seeds by the new seeds of OnixCoin. With this update, the name of the OnixCoin clients reflected in the Block Explorer will be replaced, from «Satoshi» to «OnixCore» and the connections will be replaced to accept the 7011 protocol connections.


This brings us to the third phase, which is a general update by OnixCoin users. To do this, the mining and development nodes must be updated, and the general update of the OnixCoin and OnixCore libraries must be carried out. At this point it is necessary that our users, holders and non-holders, update their OnixCoin applications.

You can see each of the updates and changes made to the OnixCoin source code through the following link: https://github.com/onix-project/onixcoin/pull/8. These updates are being tested by our development team and their availability will be informed in a timely manner.

We will continue working to build the First Crypto-Country and make OnixCoin the cryptocurrency with greater usability in Venezuela and Latin America.

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