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Learn how to download your ONX paper wallet!

Learn how to download your ONX paper wallet!

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, paper wallets are a way to keep our cryptocurrencies safer. In this way, we can safeguard our currencies from cyber attacks or hacking attempts, since we don’t use the internet. In the case of Venezuela, this option has become more attractive. Because of this, many people want to know how to download their own OnixCoin paper wallet. In this article, we’ll explain how. We hope it helps.

Learn how to download your ONX paper wallet!

Before explaining the step by step, it’s important to know that creating a paper wallet involves more time than creating one online, and they are for single use. This is because when withdrawing the funds, the private key is used and it’s not advisable to continue using it because it loses security.

That is why our recommendation is to create several wallets at the same time and have them stored for when we need them. Now, we will explain how to download your own ONX paper wallet.

1. Go to the Wallet Generator page

The first step to create your paper wallet is to enter walletgenerator.onixcoin.com. It is through this page that we can generate our private and public keys for the creation of paper wallets. When entering, you must click on Skip, and then on the «Paper Wallet» section.

2. Search OnixCoin

Once you have entered the «Paper Wallet» section, you must enter the search engine in the upper right corner and search for OnixCoin, in order to create your wallet that can store ONX.

3. Set your password (private key)

After having chosen OnixCoin, you must add your password or private key, which will allow you to remove the ONX from your wallet in a safely.

4. Print your Paper Wallet

After having completed all the previous steps, what remains is to print the paper wallet. By clicking on the Print option that appears on the page, it will show you a PDF document, where you can print your wallet and use it.

5. Ingresar tus ONX a la billetera

Having printed your wallet, you must enter the amount of ONX you want. You can do this by scanning the QR code or entering the wallet address in your online wallet and sending the amount of ONX you want. Done! Now you have successfully created your first ONX paper wallet.

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