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Get to know the changes that are coming to OnixCoin

Get to know the changes that are coming to OnixCoin

We continue working to improve OnixCoin!

The developers of the currency, at the request of OnixCoin users, are making efforts to implement a halving of the reward for the miners, currently 60 ONX / Block. This implies that from Block 345.600, calculated for April 11, 2019, the reward for mining 30 ONX / Block will be reduced. These reductions will be continuous, that is, every 345,600 blocks, which would occur approximately every 2 years.

Additionally, there will be a reduction of the Total Supply of OnixCoin, then of the 1,051,200,000 mineable (without pre-mining) it will be reduced to a Total Supply of 41,471,999,995,117,200, giving a reduction of 1,009,728,000.00,483,000.

You can find the lines of code and the adjustment algorithms of difficulty of mining in the following links of the GitHub of OnixCoin: https://github.com/onix-project/onixcoin/pull/16 and https://github.com/ onix-project / onixcoin / pull / 19.

We will continue to promote OnixCoin to convert it into the first cryptocurrency in Venezuela and Latin America.

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